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The Deets

Prepare yourself for a night of unforgettable mishaps, questionable choices, and top-notch "bad" advice and best worst drinks at New Year's Eve EVE! hosted by FigLeaf Brewing. We're here to guide you down a path of sheer absurdity, because who needs good advice, anyway?

"Worst Best" Advice Contest: Got advice that's so absurd it's almost brilliant? Share your craziest, most nonsensical advice for a chance to win our mind-boggling "prizes"! Our panel of judges may or may not understand your wisdom, but that's the point. Judging begins at 9pm.

The "Worst Best" Drinks: Our selection of "worst best" cocktails will leave your taste buds in disbelief. Try our Negroni with an extra twist, our Manhattan turned upside down, the enigmatic Apple Martini, and a Whiskey Sour that may make you question your life choices.

Champagne Toast at 10 PM: Who says you have to wait until New Year's Eve for champagne? At the arbitrary time of 10:00 PM, we'll force everyone to raise a glass and celebrate something...we're not sure what.

Live DJ: Our DJ will spin music that's so questionable you won't know whether to dance or cringe. Expect an eclectic mix that's so bad it's good. Get ready to move your feet in ways you never thought possible.

Join us for a night of chaos and poor choices, because life is too short to be sensible. New Year's Eve EVE! at FigLeaf Brewing is your chance to embrace the ridiculous, so mark your calendar and prepare for an evening of hilariously misguided adventures. Who needs good advice when you can have the "worst best" time of your life? Don't miss out!

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