Our Beer

Basmati Cream Ale

Inspired by local home-brewing legend Ted Holloway, our Cream Ale uses basmati rice to impart a subtle yet distinct almost white-popcorn basmati aromatic note. Grounded by a base of Pilsner malt and just enough Liberty hops to balance, this beer was designed to be a nuanced exercise in simplicity.

ABV 5.1%

IBU 26


What’s in a name? “Iso” refers to iso-alpha acids, the primary bittering compounds contributed by hops. “Trope” is a wink at the notion that some people say that American IPAs are an overplayed trope of a beer style. Designed to showcase floral and fruity American hops including Idaho 7, Centennial and Cascade with an understated bitterness to lend smooth drinkability.

ABV 7.2%

IBU 68

Ponderous Porter

This English inspired porter is our Head Brewer’s liquid love letter to a certain classic London Porter, utilizing 100% English malts and classic ESB ale yeast. Look for layers of rich chocolate, mild toffee and dark caramel notes.

ABV 7%

IBU 32


Blood Orange Blonde: With 15.5 pounds of blood orange puree per barrel, this is a light, crisp, crushable and refreshing drinker.

ABV 5.2%

IBU 21


How is a star born? Atoms are crushed by cosmic forces, functioning in harmony, generating energy in the form of intense heat & bright light. Our Imperial IPA presents Galena, Mosaic & Tahoma hops working in perfect unison while promoting hop aromas, billowing from the glass with tropical waves that move on each dose. Finishing with an incredibly citrusy, juicy hop nectar linger; just enough to entice another sip.

ABV 8.7%

IBU 80

Wee Easy Scotch Ale

Wee Easy Scotch Ale is a rich, malty, full-bodied beer with caramel notes and a faint hint of smoke characteristics. Finishes with a smooth alcoholic warmth.

ABV 8.9%

IBU 33

Warrior Red

This red lager is light, crisp and refreshing. Initial subtle spice, caramel and toffee aromas with an extremely clean, malty backbone.

ABV 5.6%

IBU 28

Our Wine And Ciders

Blackberry Fizz

Our delightfully fizzy, fruit forward blackberry wine!

ABV 6%


We partnered with local orchard Hidden Valley in Lebanon to produce a refreshing, semi-sweet hard cider that finishes crisp and clean.

ABV 6%



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