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Basmati Cream Ale

Inspired by local home-brewing legend Ted Holloway, our Cream Ale uses basmati rice to impart a subtle yet distinct almost white-popcorn basmati aromatic note. Grounded by a base of Pilsner malt and just enough Liberty hops to balance, this beer was designed to be a nuanced exercise in simplicity.

ABV 5.1% // IBU 26



Basmati Cream Ale

We took our world famous Basmati Cream Ale and amped it up with strawberry goodness. This balanced sweet beer will keep you coming back time and time again.

ABV 5.1% // IBU 26


Iso-Trope IPA

What’s in a name? “Iso” refers to iso-alpha acids, the primary bittering compounds contributed by hops. “Trope” is a wink at the notion that some people say that American IPAs are an overplayed trope of a beer style. Designed to showcase floral and fruity American hops including Idaho 7, Centennial and Cascade with an understated bitterness to lend smooth drinkability.

ABV 7.2% // IBU 68


Blood Orange

Iso-Trope IPA

We took everything you know and love about our classic Iso-Trope American IPA and brewed it with a huge helping of blood oranges. It brings merges the flavors of a West Coast IPA that you love with the citrus flavors you crave from a summer IPA.

ABV 7.2% // IBU 68


Ponderous Porter

This English inspired porter is our Head Brewer’s liquid love letter to a certain classic London Porter, utilizing 100% English malts and classic ESB ale yeast. Look for layers of rich chocolate, mild toffee and dark caramel notes.

ABV 7% // IBU 32


Hook Light

American Lager

Hook Light is a crushable, crisp light drinking lager that will give any macro light lager a run for it's money. You can drink it knowing you're saving calories while supporting a local, true American business.

ABV 3.9% // IBU 12



Imperial IPA

How is a star born? Atoms are crushed by cosmic forces, functioning in harmony, generating energy in the form of intense heat & bright light. Our Imperial IPA presents Galena, Mosaic & Tahoma hops working in perfect unison while promoting hop aromas, billowing from the glass with tropical waves that move on each dose. Finishing with an incredibly citrusy, juicy hop nectar linger; just enough to entice another sip.

ABV 8.7% // IBU 80


Sous La Table

Belgian Tripel

Sous La Table or "Under The Table" is dangerously drinkable. It boasts hints of tropical fruit, guava, and bubblegum esters from Trappist style Belgian yeast. Enjoy in moderation or you might find yourself under the table.

ABV 9.4% // IBU 29



Imperial IPA

Round tropical aromatics of papaya, mango, and orange pith greet the nose. Hazy deep golden color with slight orangey hues. Bright crisp tropical notes carry through to palate: again papaya and mango leading the charge. Bitterness is moderate and much smoother than the 80 calculated IBUs would suggest. Medium body with bone dry finish with some lingering fruity and soft alcohol notes.

ABV 9.9% // IBU 80


Acer Brunus

Wood Aged Brown Ale

This wood aged brown ale carries roasty caramel notes mixed with the warmth of wood. Unlike bourbon barrel aged beers this one is more smooth and approachable. Not boozy at all.

ABV 5.2% // IBU 33


Black Solstice

Imperial Stout

This Imperial Stout is warm with inviting aromas of dark chocolate and raisins with subtle molasses notes in the background. Pours as black as the Winter Solstice at midnight with ample dark tan creamy head. Greets the palate with complex but restrained roasty notes married with smooth bakers chocolate flavors initially. Dark toffee notes give way to firm semi-dry finish with substantial voluptuous body and texture. Subtle lingering cocoa - rum notes. A contemplative complex sipper designed to help stave off the winter chill.

ABV 10% // IBU 7


Breeze is a fizzy, refreshing craft cocktail seltzer that falls into
a category all it’s own. This unique sparkling beverage is packed
with real fruit flavor, and remains refreshing, balanced and highly


Blackberry Breeze

The OG Breeze that started it all! Blackberry Breeze is bubbly and refreshing with a good amount of sweetness. It'll remind you of the time you dug into the fresh basket of blackberries that you just brought home from the grocery store. We use 100% real blackberry pure, never artificial flavorings.

ABV 6%


Raspberry Rose Breeze

Raspberry Rose Breeze leans a little closer to what you would expect from a sweet, semi-dry wine while still staying true to the bubbly refreshing mouthfeel that you know and love about Breeze.

ABV 6%


Peach Bellini Breeze

Our take on a classic Peach Bellini cocktail which is typically made with pureed peaches, prosecco and sparkling wine. You get a juicy, sweet peach bite with a sparkling dryness on the back end. It's freshly delicous!

ABV 6%

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